mobile Point Of Sale

HHQ is proud to announce mPOS in its software suit of applications. Through comprehensive market research the solution is effectively optimized to fit and operate in Iran’s market region. The aim of mPOS project is to establish new methods through which payments could be made in today’s world.

mPOS will bring the power of application world into traditional POS terminals for as long as the card payments.

HHQ / mPOS features

  • Offering a reliable solution for card payments
  • Provision of multi-brand platform
  • Unifying management of new electronic payment related components
  • Providing scalability and modularity along with business agility
  • Flexibility for market customization and application integration

HHQ / mPOS Software Suit include

  • Mobile application software
  • Software switch and application management backend
  • Management and monitoring Software
  • Third-party integration software module

Currently HHQ / mPOS has the ability to

  • Get balance enquiry
  • Purchase air-time charges
  • Purchase tickets
  • Make card payments
  • Purchase Internet charges
  • Make bill payments