About us...

HHQ with the aim of its powerful and highly educated team has built a 25 years of successful background in computer and IT industry. The team of 20 professionals made up of PHDs, DBAs, and MBAs and certified IT professionals successfully delivered a number of advanced and cutting edge technologies. HHQ always tried to keep the customers at s satisfactory level and achieved a 99.99 % availability and uptime in applicable areas. Moreover, valuable global partners HHQ with could have accomplished large-scale projects. Our offices are spread all over the world (Toronto, Milan, Dubai, and Tehran)

The Profession

Data centers (A-Z) and data centric applications

Mobile Solutions

Value Added Services and Platforms

Applications and Payment Platforms for Banking

Consulting and Management Services

Back office platforms, and web applications

Payment Point of Sales instruments (POS, mPOS, Cashless ATM, ATM, etc.)


Core Competence

Datacenter construction and consulting (Tier 3/ Tier 4)

Mobile platforms and mobile payment operation (iOS, Android, Windows)

Back office platforms, and web applications

Customer relationship Management system (CRM)

Banking Application and ATM Monitoring Platforms

Card Management Systems (CMS)

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    HHQ Group Experienced Software and remote support that really work.

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    Payment Suit

    HHQ Group is proud to announce mPOS in its software suit of applications.

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    HHQ Group With the aim of its powerful and highly educated team.



GSM Providers

Aggregator for VAD Services for 4 years, ranked as no.1 for 2 recent years by the relevant operator (with over 40 million customers)

Mobile payment service provider for 10 banks from 20 million customers (700 transactions/sec) to 3 million customers (40 transactions/sec)

Built over 10 tier 3 data centers from scratch (Sized from 400 sq/m and 120 racks), fully managed all the required skill sets from architectural to mechanical construction, and supplied networking and server equipment to fully deliver the requested services.

Datacenter and hardware support, monitoring and management services Hardware support and maintenance services for branches (2500 branches)

Supplied over 12000 PC and desktop systems

Equipped more than 5000 bank branches from security surveillance to networking and computer systems

Developed the national lawyer’s database

Fully supported database and application layers of datacenters

Performed and built over 10 high performance computing platforms

Planned multi-site clustering of datacenters with appropriate disaster recovery and backup plans in active and offline manners

Fully designed a VoIP network for a 25000 phones and 1000 places

Successfully maintained 10 countrywide networks with over 30000 nodes, 3 datacenters, and more than 1500 locations

Developed and maintained the national security database

Awards and certificates:

Member of Informatics Committee . Winner of Entrepreneur award from ministry . Outstanding award in informatics

Our Services...


Units 14-15-17, 4th-5th floors, 30 No., Nakisha St., Hosseini St., North Sohrevardi Ave., Tehran, Iran

Tel:+98(21)88542001-2     Fax:fax@hhq.co.ir